Episode #3: SEO ISN’T a solution for every problem, why content marketing is the MOST important method for growing your tech business, and why understanding your audience will help you win. 

Episode 3 - From Stuck to Successful - An Interview with Rand Fishkin

During this episode, you’ll hear a remarkable story of Rand Fishkin, founder and CEO of SparkToro. SparkToro is an audience research tool that shows the websites your customers visit, social accounts they follow, hashtags they use, and more — so you can do marketing that works. Rand unpacks the start-up culture, why SEO isn’t the ONLY tool you should be using to grow your business, and why asking your ideal buyers what they want will help you grow, get leads, and win.  






Episode #2: Why healed is the new rich, and why business owners MUST get healed in order to grow, thrive, all while avoiding cancer. 

Episode 2 - From Stuck to Successful - An Interview with Owen Hemsath

During this episode, you’ll hear a remarkable story of Owen Hemsath, a famous YouTube video marketer, who grew his business exponentially while also beating cancer four times. You’ll hear about Owen’s journey from rough beginnings to comedy and fatherhood, founding a successful YouTube video marketing business, and beating cancer 4 times. He explains how he went from being a high-achieving hustler with a scarcity mindset to owning his time so he can focus on what truly matters in life. His message: how to accomplish great things without driving yourself sick and still living a purpose-driven life is one that will resonate with passionate entrepreneurs and business owners alike. 






Episode #1 – Find out why your business is failing to grow, what to do about it, and planning successfully for the future with Certified Valuation Analyst, Reed Warren

Episode 1 - From Stuck to Successful - An Interview with Reed Warren

by Dave Scott, Heather Zinger

During this episode, Certified Valuation Analyst and Value Builder Advisor, Reed Warren, dives into how business can best strategize their company’s growth. He shares how specialization, verticalization, and productization (SVP) can help business get unstuck. Then, Reed tackles both organic and acquisitive growth, both of which are essential if you want to avoid leaving 50% of your business growth potential on the table. Throughout this episode, he emphasizes planning for the future of your business. This way, when you’re ready to exit and move on to your next stage of life, you’ll get the value you want for your company.