Marketing Audit

How do you know if you’re marketing is working or if you’re just wasting money?  

You might have already spent thousands and thousands of dollars and are even afraid to ask.

Or you’re still spending thousands and thousands of dollars wondering when you’re going to finally see some ROI.

You might have even asked your current marketing company, “When will I see some results?”

To which they replied with, “Wait, just a little bit longer. The ROI is coming.”

But really? Is it???


You might be wondering:


How long am I supposed to wait till I see results?


How long does this normally take?


Am I being suckered, lied to, taking advantage of?


Why can’t I ever get a clear answer?


Why am I still struggling to understand marketing?

Even though I’ve spent thousands of dollars on “professionals?”

To answer the questions swirling around in your head, you need a marketing audit and an expert second opinion.  


What is a marketing audit?

This is a three-to-four-week process where we review and analyze your marketing operations and tactics to assess whether they’re helping or hurting your company’s revenue and growth. Then, we give you some recommendations on how to get your marketing back on track and where to spend your dollars for the greatest returns.

“I felt like the audit, the file itself, didn’t speak to the value we got from it. It was the conversation we had with Dave. That’s where you’re really going to get the gems.”

 Hector Ortiz, CEO & Co-Founder, Dega Systems 

Want more details?

Here are a few of the questions we ask and explore in-depth to uncover relevant business insights:


Do you have an overall marketing strategy and plan?

If so, are they working?  


Do you have a YouTube video strategy?

If so, are they working?  


Is your messaging clear and compelling?

Is it resonating with your ideal buyers?


Is your Google My Business (GMB) account set up correctly?

Are you posting to it regularly?


Is your website healthy?

  • Does it pass the StoryBrand’s grunt test?  
  • Are you using SEO/keyphrases to increase your ranking? Is it working?  
    • Keyword/keyphrase analysis exercise with keyword/keyphrase list to implement into your copy  
  • Is your content clear and compelling? Does it speak to your target audiences? Does it position your buyers as the hero? What’s it’s quality score? 
  • Are the technical aspects of your website in good shape like your website slugs, URL’s, page titles, and content appropriately aligned?  

        After we finish the audit, you’ll receive the following: 


        A final audit report outlining where your marketing is working and where it’s not. 


        An in-depth understanding of how well your current digital marketing plan and tactics are helping you meet your goals and your business to grow. 


        Recommendations on how to improve your marketing in the short term. 


        Options on how to maximize your growth and revenue over the long term. 

        The marketing audit will finally give you the clarity you seek so that you not only understand your marketing better, but so you can invest your dollars more wisely.

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