Episode 14 - From Stuck to Successful - Interview with Kelly Siegel, CEO of National Technology Management

This is one of my favorite podcast interviews because it’s with my good friend, Kelly Siegel.

Kelly is the CEO of National Technology Management (NTM), an outsourced IT services firm based in Detroit, Michigan. He’s a larger-than-life personality who’s risen from poverty to profit and success. He has an educational background in criminal justice and sociology from Western Michigan University and has a relentless drive to better himself in breaking his family’s cycle of abuse, addiction, and poverty. Kelly recently published a book called Harder Than Life, and has a new, groundbreaking podcast, also called Harder Than Life.

Kelly lives in Michigan with his daughter Arianna, their Yorkie Sammy, and cat Felix. He spends as much time as possible in Florida, preferably out on the water with Ari and good friends. You will NOT want to miss this podcast with Kelly because it’s PURE GOLD.