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Scott Digital Marketing is a boutique digital marketing and growth strategy firm that specializes in guiding high-growth technology companies, IT firms, MSP’s, SaaS providers, and E-Commerce organizations in growing their businesses. The focus is to grow your company using today’s best digital marketing tactics and growth strategies. We do this through specific services like Content and Inbound Marketing, SEO/SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising Solutions, Copywriting Services, Product Development, and Go-To-Market Strategies.

We cut through the gimmicks and the hype, and show you what really works through a proven process of aligning your sales and marketing. We’ve done this by creating and managing small marketing budgets and multi-million dollar ones, too. We drive growth, eliminate wasted spend, and make sure your marketing consistently impacts your bottom line. In the end, we’ll drive success through our specialized experience in working with B2B technology businesses, technology and IT firms, MSP’s, SaaS providers, and E-Commerce organizations.

Scott Digital Marketing has over 20 years experience and is based in Fargo, North Dakota with offices in Minneapolis. Scott Digital is run and operated by founder and CEO, Dave Scott.  Before Scott Digital, David worked in corporate America with brands like General Nutrition Centers, California Closets, Circuit City, and Verizon Communications.

Scott Digital Marketing has been featured on E-Commerce Consulting.com and the Good Men Project.



Guiding your business to growth by leveraging today’s best digital marketing and sales growth strategies.


Saving businesses from wasting money on bad marketing and bad growth strategies by creating and executing sales and marketing strategies that are innovative and effective.

Dave Scott

Dave Scott

President and CEO

Dave Scott is the Founder, President and CEO of Scott Digital Marketing. Basically, he’s the boss though he doesn’t take that role lightly. His client-centric and direct approach ensures that his clients get marketing that actually works, no gimmicks, no hype, no BS. Dave has over 20 years of experience working with MSPs, Tech and IT firms and B2B companies. He pours his wealth of marketing knowledge into clients making sure they’re seen, heard and valued in the current tech climate. Dave also hosts the podcast: Confessions of a Burnt-Out Marketer to share his and his guests’ insights to benefit the marketing industry at large. In the end, Dave delivers digital marketing leadership, strategies and tools that lead to client success and prosperity. Though Dave is a master when it comes to marketing, his biggest pride and joy are his two phenomenal daughters. When he’s not working or with them, he’s at the badass Academy of Combat Arts in Fargo training for an amateur boxing bout. His other loves include skiing Keystone in Colorado and Big Sky Montana, jamming out to his SoundCloud playlist, having great conversations over Caribou Coffee and spending summer evenings in Fargo.

Heather Zinger

Heather Zinger

Senior Content Creator

Heather Zinger is our Senior Content Creator. She writes compelling content that gets our clients hired. Her ability to creatively translate technological products and services for all audiences is her jam. Over the past 5 years, Heather’s been churning out words for hire following a lifetime of avid reading, creative writing, and learning languages. To say that words are embedded in her blood is an understatement. As she, herself, will tell you, words are the primary vehicle for ideas and together, they have the power to fuel vast changes. In a nutshell, that’s why she’s here. To help put client’s technological innovations center stage, making it easier to connect with and transform their audiences. Though words are her first love, her husband is now a top contender. She spends most of her free time with him exploring nature, yoga, meditation, art and bold, spicy foods. Lastly, she’s a fierce advocate for mental health and is a trained Reiki master and life coach.

Kim Cowan

Kim Cowan


Kim Cowan is our Administrative & Project Coordinator. She’s the one that makes sure everyone’s ducks are in a row at all times. Her organized, process-driven and efficient methods keep our projects on point like a boss while keeping timelines tidy and tight. Not only does she love using technology to reign over details, tasks, and schedules but she strives to always put clients’ needs first so they can grow and meet their goals. Her favorite pastimes include working out, interior design, and rocking out to her Spotify playlists. However, given the option, she’d rather be by the ocean, spending time with her two incredible daughters and riding their horse.   

Based in Fargo, ND  // With offices in Minneapolis, MN 

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