Episode #12 - From Stuck to Successful - Interview with Dr. Joe O’Mahoney

This is one of my favorite podcast interviews because we’re talking about growth, the criteria needed to grow, and how to eventually sell a professional services firm.

Our guest is Dr. Joe O’Mahoney, a published author, researcher, and leading authority on the consulting industry and a consultant to boutiques and small consulting firms. Dr. Joe practices what he preaches: he has been a corporate consultant, an internal consultant, and a solo consultant. He has spent 15 years providing advisory services to small consulting firms on growth, and in 2007 sold his own company, StayMobile Technology Ltd. In addition to his private practice. He is the founder of Repair Café Wales CIC and Consulting Mastered Ltd.

Joe has coached over 2,000 executives and MBA students about management consultancy and helped hundreds of students gain places at leading consulting firms. Joe’s work has been recognized by awards from the British Academy of Management, the Centre for Consulting Excellence, the ESRC, and several University prizes. Joe studied History at Oxford University and obtained his Ph.D. and MSc at Warwick University. He lives in England with his wife and two sons.