Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (fCMO) Services from Scott Growth Strategies 

Think of a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (fCMO) as a revenue-focused, highly experienced sales and marketing strategist on a part-time basis and without the full-time cost commitment.

How does this model benefit your business, and your sales and marketing efforts?

A fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a sales and marketing expert who works part-time for your business.

They perform the same tasks as a full-time CMO and lead marketing operations, oversee implementation of software’s and systems, and create tracking/reporting for campaigns involved in company growth initiatives.

They help businesses achieve their marketing goals and are hired for engagements of 6-12 month timeframes.

They fill vacancies for team members who’ve left your company, refocus sales and marketing efforts, and provide values as a CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) and strategic leader.



How does a Fractional CMO work in terms of hours?

A traditional CMO works a set number of hours per week. They typically work for 20 hours, 30 hours, or 40 hours per week.

They’re focused on setting the strategy then executing it through a set of project/scope deliverables, and leverage project management tools to give everyone visibility into tasks and timelines.


How much does a Fractional CMO cost?

Fractional CMOs are often a good option for small and medium-sized companies that can’t afford a full-time CMO, or don’t have enough projects to keep them busy.

They offer the expertise of an experienced executive at a lower cost, typically charging an hourly rate between $200–$350. They also bill on retainer.


What is the focus of a Fractional CMO?

Fractional CMOs tend to focus more on performance-based marketing to drive sales and revenue growth.

They develop and implement comprehensive marketing plans while earning the trust of internal staff.

“The value was in the conversations and leadership we had with Dave. That’s where you’re really going to get the gems of wisdom.”

 Hector Ortiz, CEO & Co-Founder, Dega Systems 

Why should your business hire a Fractional CMO?

Here are some of the specific benefits of hiring a fractional CMO:


Experience and leadership

A fractional CMO will organize your team and devise bulletproof marketing plans that draw on relevant consumer insights to hit your KPIs.



A fractional CMO’s contract can be stopped and started to meet the changing needs of your company.


Fewer hiring risks

Hiring a fractional CMO is less risky than hiring a full-time CMO, as the recruitment process is faster and they can be more easily replaced if they perform badly in the role.


Chance to test creative, innovative sales and marketing campaigns

Hiring a fractional CMO allows you to test different skill sets in the role without the fear of being permanently locked into a disagreeable arrangement. 


Budget savings

Fractional CMOs are more affordable than traditional CMOs as their salaries are lower and they are entitled to fewer benefits than full-time employees.

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