The Why and How of Digital Marketing

We offer Integrated, Inbound, Content-Centric and Data-Driven Sales and Marketing Services.

This Is The Way. This Is The Way. This Is The Way.

In order to be successful at attracting your ideal buyers, you’ll need the following:


A clear understanding of your SWOT from a digital marketing perspective


A clear understanding of who your ideal buyer is  


A clear content driven, inbound marketing strategy 


A clear plan to implement said strategy 

Inbound Marketing

The Way of Attraction NOT Promotion

Create valuable, educational content and experiences to speak to your audience’s pain points and you’ll have buyers for life.

Because your relationship with your ideal buyer is ALL about attraction and connection NOT interruption (please put the bludgeon down). Examples of inbound marketing include:




Creating infographics


Educating and communicating via email campaigns


Writing and sharing white papers


Creating a high value e-book


Generating and posting case studies


Running webinars


Hosting a podcast


Producing a video series


Using SEO to organically increase your visibility


Sales & Marketing Strategy + Plan

A large part of our onboarding process is to do a deep dive into your business.

What are your growth barriers and goals? What are your products and services? What makes you unique? What do your current clients say about you? Who are your ideal buyers? And more…

In fact, we dedicate hours to these efforts in the first couple of months.


Because everything we do for your sales and marketing afterwards is predicated on how well we know your business. It informs our decisions on the best strategy and plan that will drive you to achieve your goals.

Then, the plan guides all of our implementation, timelines and alignment practices, the strategies plus the tactics, that will fuel your growth.

Content Marketing:

Discover your story. Then, be clear, compelling and client-centric.


Content Strategy and Copywriting Services

If you’re selling something to someone, then you have a story. You may not know what it is 100% yet, but you have one. The best process, we’ve found, for discovering, communicating and connecting through your story is the StoryBrand framework. It plays an influential role in our brand voice and messaging process. 

Our other go-to writing framework is problem, agitate, solve (PAS). There are multiple other frameworks we use to infuse more educational and creative content into sales and marketing. However, at the end of the day our goal remains the same: to craft clear and compelling copy.

Creating great, high quality, SEO rich content is the name of the game here. Without it, you lack the fuel to launch your rocket to the moon.

Good copy accomplishes many things – it develops relationships with and educates your buyers, it reveals who you are – trustworthy and wise, it shares your story in foster connection and helps get you found by search engines. The takeaway here is this: you need original, high quality copy. 

Sure you could buy syndicated copy (white label copy that multiple companies, including your competitors can buy, slightly change and then throw on your website, social, etc.).

However, this is fool’s gold for three reasons. First, it’s poor quality copy. Secondly, you don’t own the copy so it could be there one day and gone the next. Thirdly, your competitors could be using the same copy, which hurts your SEO.

BECAUSE bad, duplicate copy isn’t neutral online.

It pisses off the Google gods.

They punish you by docking your SEO.

This hurts you because now your buyers can’t easily find you, if at all.

So, don’t ever be fooled into thinking that copy is copy is copy. It isn’t. If you want results, you have to invest in getting the good stuff.

Now, which inbound marketing tactics do we specialize in?

Multiple. See the list below.

BUT FIRST, a disclaimer: All of these tactics work together in unison to create the powerful results you crave.

Remove any one of these tactics and well, like bricks removed from a wall willy nilly, you risk weakening and slowing down your sales and marketing outcomes.


Website & Graphic Design Plus Project Management

Build your best digital “storefront” on the internet because your buyers are judgy and they have limitless purchasing options. 

Why? Because they’re spending their hard-earned cash on you and your offerings. It’s not their job to decipher your confusing website.

It’s your job to make sure your website answers their questions.


Do they understand me and my problems?


What are they offering me?


Does what they’re offering help me?


Will it make my life better?


Are they competent, trustworthy and likeable?


Is it worth my money?


What do I have to do to buy from or work with them?

If your website doesn’t help your buyers answer the above questions, it’s a dead duck.

What the hell?! That site cost me $20K! And you’re telling me it’s deader than a door nail?

Yes, it’s deader than those cliches we’re throwing at you. We hear your pain. When a website crashes and burns along with all of your invested time and money, it hurts. It hurts a lot.

BUT, if your website doesn’t get to the heart and soul of who you are as a person and as a company, then it’s failing you and your buyers will go elsewhere.

BECAUSE, who has that much time and energy to work this hard at understanding what you do or how you’re going to help solve their problems?

The answer is NO ONE.  

Your website needs to make sense. It needs to represent who you are and what you do. It needs to be easy to read. It needs to work on mobile. It needs to be easy to update. It needs a lot of things. This is why having experts on board to do it right the first time is worth their weight in gold (we’re killing it with cliches today).

Moving on.

Let’s say that you have a buyer centric, compelling website!


It’s not converting.


What now?

A hard truth. Websites are pointless if they live in a vacuum, aka, isolated from an integrated marketing strategy and plan. It’s like having a gorgeous, party-ready house in the woods, yet no one stops by.

Why, you might ask?

Because they don’t have your address, the roads are poorly marked roads with no landmarks in sight and you don’t even have neighbors they could ask for directions. Ugh.

Hell, even Google’s satellites can’t find you. And if you’re not “seen” and registered by Google, then you basically don’t exist.

SO, who cares if your house is gorgeous, party-ready AND has the best music, dancing and food in the world, if they can’t find it?

This is where the rest of your integrated digital marketing plan comes into play. You need to tell people how to find your house and the party, i.e. your website.



Here’s how:


Email Campaigns

It’s time to “call” people to invite them to the wild party you’re throwing in your new house. 

Your new website has launched. It’s time to party. But first you have to let people know. This is where email campaigns come in. 

“Emails,” you might be thinking, “that is so 2002.” But, it’s not. Around four billion people use email. That‘s more than total users on any one of the social media channels. If you were a startup looking to get into the social media game, you‘d be wiser to just erase everyone’s memories and reinvent email.

Email is a slick beast. It helps build your marketing organically with free, high value, education centric content that speaks directly to the audience that is the most interested in your offerings. It’s genius really. You get to talk to people about what you know in ways that will increase their knowledge and build trust in your capabilities and offerings. In addition, it helps fill your sales pipeline sending you warmer leads with higher conversion rates.  

Email campaigns don’t only need good copy, they also need a reliable contact list. (If you don’t have one, we can definitely help you out.) After that, it’s all about understanding your ideal buyers in-depth and writing specifically to them about how you can help make their lives better.



It’s time to frequent the coffee shop where all the fun and interesting people hang out to make some new friends.  

Newsletters are the equivalent of a silent sales person that continue to “drip” on your contacts till there’s a collegial familiarity that emerges….and if you want to continue rocking bigger and bigger house parties, you’re gonna have to be making more and more friends.  
It’s similar to running into the same people over and over again when you stop to get your coffee on the way to work. Over time, each little encounter could lead to an interaction that could lead to a conversation or friendship or a date or even a new IT services partner. You just never know. 
We help get your newsletters out every month, chock full of your latest news, relevant musings, links to new educational blog pieces, helpful articles and webinars. By regularly sending quality and compelling content to your contacts, they’ll eventually chat you up at the proverbial coffee shop.  



It’s time to share with the world how awesome your party was and that you know the difference between a hot dog and a bison brat soaked in the finest of micro brewed beers.

If emails are a slick beast. Blogs are a funny one. Sometimes they feel like someone rolled out of bed, threw on a jacket and ran out the door to make a meeting, which they probably did. But that’s not the point! 

This is can humble brag (or just a brag) about your vast party planning and throwing experiences while sharing your knowledge with those looking to party. You can chat about the best appetizers and who you buy them from. You can rave about the hottest new DJs. You can show pictures of your awesome smoker and grill, your pool, your volleyball net and pit – basically, whatever you have that’s going to insure that what these people want, a mind-blowing party, is definitely going to happen. 

Blogs serve these primary purposes – they help you connect to your relevant audience by offering free high value, i.e., educational, content that speaks to who they are and their problems. When blogs are enriched with SEO/keyphrases, they help boost your website traffic and the quality of your leads. It helps you attract your ideal buyers while helping them find you.  


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis & Keywords

It’s time to make sure that the address on your “house” is visible, that the signage is correct and that it’s easy to find. 

You’re trying to throw a bomb ass party. You only have so much time and money to get the word out, so you start blasting your address everywhere. This is where SEO comes in. SEO is all the words that folks enter into their search engine to find what they’re looking for, which in this example is your house party. 

So, if a party seeker were looking for a party, they might type into Google, “DJ Jazzy Jeff house party, Los Angeles” or “smoked bratwurst house party for 40+ DC.” This reveals two things:

1. People really have specific tastes when it comes to partying.

2. Valuable SEO is based on the actual key words and key phrases that your buyers use when they search for services online.

The huge benefit of using the same words in your copy as your buyers use to search you online is that it helps send traffic, organically, to your website or landing page. 

However, to succeed in organic traffic, you’ll need more than SEO. You’ll need good copy across all your platforms (i.e. websites, social channels, email campaigns, etc.) and a cohesive online presence.

It’s all of these things, working together, that help you stand out in a crowd while making sure your party will be well attended.  


Social Media Content Creation

Getting directions to your house party, aka how people in need of a good party find your house

Social media is similar to a conglomerate of different neighborhoods where everyone is nosy as hell. They all want the latest gossip while being the FIRST to dish it out.

So, leverage those nosy, gossipy neighbors to get the word about your party out. Post the news everywhere, on social, on your website, personally invite friends or influencers. Drum up the hype. That way if a party goer gets lost one of those overly concerned neighbors can point them in the right direction.  

Here’s what we hear oftentimes from our clients.  (Yes, they tend to be in their 40s-60s.) 

Do I really need a Facebook page? 

Yes. Despite the hard press it’s getting, it’s still a very active neighborhood. 

Why can’t I just use LinkedIn?

Because that’s only one neighborhood and we need to canvas them all. 

But I hate YouTube…. 

So what? This isn’t about you. It’s about helping your clients and growing your business.

YouTube is still the second largest social media channel out there. Their hot commodity videos hit all the right marks for folks. They’re easy to watch. They’re informative and usually entertaining. With one click of a button, you can share them with anyone, anywhere (almost).    

Everyone and their mother, no, their grandmother, is on there, learning how to open a bottle of beer with paper or zombie proof their car.    

Since people use social media anytime and everywhere, over coffee or lunch, at a meeting, with the family, dancing to Queen while BBQing, it’s a great way to reach people from all walks of life at multiple points throughout their day.

This makes it a phenomenal way to engage your audience because it helps create a personal and very conversational touch, inspiring them to learn more about you on your website.  


Webinar & Video Strategy Consulting

It’s time to break out the flying limo you hired to bring your VIPs, dressed in their finest lederhosen, to your party. 

Videos of all genres are wunderkinds when it comes to engaging your clients because of their accessibility and far reach, more than most other content formats.  

When it comes to videos, you have many options to choose from. Popular ones for the B2B space include interviews with industry experts or your clients, highlights of your company culture, product and services introductions, product or service demos and webinars that serve to educate and introduce prospects to your sales funnel.   

Since webinars tend to be the longest running videos, they require the most preparation and initial investment to be successful. Our webinar consulting addresses the following points:


Pre-Webinar rehearsal with feedback on structure, content, presentation style and polling.


Webinar moderating, professional orchestration of your webinar, Q&A hosting, technical support for presenters and attendees.


Analytics and action recommendations based on webinar logs and reports. 


Webinar Assessment report (written) with recommendations on invitation and follow-up strategy and tactics. 


Webinar Presentation Design Editing (up to 15 slides/frame) 


Written recommendations for on-screen poll and interaction design to maximize opportunities. 


Webinar provider software set-up and invitation configuration. 


Webinar invitation design and production. 


Webinar script writing, content structure design, poll writing. 


Webinar follow-up campaign design and recommendations. 

Keep in mind that successful videos share three common traits: they’re entertaining, engaging and for the most part, short.  

Though videos tend to be more cost intensive, when they’re done well, its worth the investment. This is because great videos help increase your followers, grow your contact lists, drive traffic to your website, lead to increased conversions and doubles your business.  


LinkedIn Sales Navigator Consulting

You had your party. It was great. But now, you want to cherry pick the next party’s guest list.  

After your first party bombshell success, you’re already planning your next party. However, this time your narrowing your lists.

You want only the best to attend. You’re looking for people that uniquely align with your magic party-making mint mojito mojo. You’re upping the ante.  

To do this, you’ll need to sign up for a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription and get training on how to use it to build your sales funnel with your ideal buyers.   

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?  

It helps sales professionals prospect and gather insights on LinkedIn for a monthly fee. Popular features include a “powerful set of search capabilities, improved visibility into extended networks, and personalized algorithms to help you reach the right decision-maker.”


Is it worth it?  

Yes, it’s totally worth it. 

Dave’s been awesome in working with me on LinkedIn Management. I had no idea what to do. But it was interesting. Dave made it super easy. It’s all about connecting to people and talking.

 Hector Ortiz, CEO & Co-Founder, Dega Systems 

If you want high-quality leads and reliable contact information, then you need to be on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.   

If you find yourself relating to any of these bullet points, your next move needs to take place on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  

Your sales and marketing efforts, such as direct mail, cold calling, lead generation solutions, etc. are no longer working. 


You have no idea if your lead generation solutions are working because you have no way of measuring them.  


You don’t have a budget or firm grasp on how your sales and marketing dollars are being spent.  


You want more inbound, digital marketing strategies that will increase your lead generation consistently over the long term.   


You want your marketing efforts to be more profit and less “time suck” and you’re looking for someone to shorten your learning curve. 


You want to try LinkedIn to fill your sales pipeline but it intimidates the hell out of you.  


You paid for and tried LinkedIn Sales Navigator but didn’t understand how to use it so you left. 

Our LinkedIn Sales Navigator consulting will teach you how to find high-quality leads, access their contact info, and keep your sales pipeline consistently filled while having fun 


Customer Relationship Management CRM / Personal Services Automation (PSA) Consulting

It’s time to track which party goers had (and were) the most fun so you can invite them to the next one. 

So, everyone came to your party and asked to be invited to the next one. Before they left you exchanged contact info.  Then, some messaged you on FB or LinkedIn while others tagged you on Twitter or DM’d you on Insta. Some even wrote their info on tiny scraps of paper they left all over your house.

Now, you need to get all their contact info and track their preferences, which foods, songs and people did they like the most??, in one place. That way you can remember their preferences the next time you reach out to entice them with a party invite.

This is where a CRM/PSA tool comes in. You might already be using a CRM tool such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ConnectWise, Autotask or TigerPaw.  


Are you using it as efficiently as you could be? 

Are you able to quickly and easily integrate and update your buyers’ info?

Is your information leading to more lead conversion and higher sales rates?  

If not, we can help by examining your current sales processes and business cases. Then, based on your needs, we’ll provide training and support until your system and processes are performing as they should.  


Paid Ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google - aka the “digital billboards”

AFTER you’ve build your online presence organically, it’s time to pay to play.   

We mean it. Don’t blow your hard-earned cash on paid ads until after your organic marketing is in place. If you wait till after, then you’ll be spending wisely

Paid online advertising is amazing in that it allows you to reach thousands of eyeballs for a minimal fee. When you time this tactic correctly, you’ll tap new, targeted audiences via search, social media and display ads and thereby generating more leads.


Metrics Review

It’s time to measure your results so you can throw even bigger and better house parties. 

Let’s say you have a 3-4 house parties under your belt and though you’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback, the number of attendees keeps shrinking. At first, you spent more money on lavish food and better well known bands but you still saw the head count go down. What gives? 

If you strive for excellence, then you need to track your data analytics. Otherwise, how will you know if you’re making continued progress or just spinning your wheels in the mud? You need data to help identify bottlenecks, road blocks or other barriers that are driving down your guest list. 

You may even discover that there are easier ways to beef up your numbers than just throwing cash at the problem willy nilly.

In order to track the results of our sales and marketing efforts, we use a scorecard based on EOS methodology (Please link “EOS Methodology” to this site: along with relevant KPIs. These KPIs might include website traffic, content performance, form submissions, leads, sales and others. 

As we move into launching your integrated marketing strategy, it’s important to track your metrics so that we can continue to make the best sales and marketing decisions.  

Congratulations! You made it through all of our services. We hope you’ve learned a lot and are ready to move boldly ahead.

We’ve been working with Scott Growth Strategies for some time now and it has been fantastic. Dave and Heather from day one went from the top all the way down and hit every single line item, reviewed it and made sure the deliverables were there. No stone was left unturned. Nothing was missed. They treated us like family. They’re an extension of the staff and you can just tell they care. They delivered on time, on budget and they exceed expectations every single time. I highly recommend them no matter what your business is. My single largest reason for recommending Scott Growth Strategies is they deliver results and truly havthe feeling of an inside marketing team.

Kelly Siegel, CEO, National Technology Management  

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