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Are you struggling to connect with your ideal buyers in meaningful ways?


Are you stuck in the cold call sales cycle?


Are you finding it harder and harder to generate leads or worse, close a deal?


Are your referrals no longer working for you?


Do you lack a sales structure and process?


Are you unable to effectively manage your inside sales staff?


At SGS, we know IT Services owners can lose themselves in the process of building their businesses.

Afterall, you’re the hub that’s always running to keep things operating smoothly. 

By the time you can safely lift your head above the forest, ten to twenty years of your life might have flown by. By then, you’ve got more personal and business responsibilities to manage, let alone your own needs. You might be thinking, personal life. Ha! Right?

As you look around at your peers, you might be wondering how some of them are managing to grow their companies, have a family and still find time to enjoy their life. How are they doing it? Genie in a bottle? Or drugs? Right?? They must be taking drugs with their genie in a bottle…

No, we assure you, it’s not drugs and genies don’t exist. Their success more than likely stems from two things, mindset, attitude is about 90% of the battle, and strong internal processes and organizational habits.

If you’re struggling, you probably need something equally accessible and sustainable. You need to work on your mindset first. Start by defining your version of success and challenging yourself to grow no matter how uncomfortable it is. Then, get some help getting more structure, discipline and organization around your sales and marketing plan and processes.


According to positive psychologist Shawn Achor, “Happiness fuels success, not the other way around.” If you’re giving Shawn’s quote the stink eye, watch his TED talk here.

The truth is the better you learn to manage your thoughts and emotions, especially as you orient yourself toward positivity and happiness, the more successful you’ll find your business becoming. You’ll start attaining your big projects and goals with a level of ease that’ll both surprise and delight you.


Your next step will be selecting which sales and marketing professional you should trust to guide you to and through your company's growth.

Here’s our recommendation on the top five criteria a consultant should have:

Make sure they have 20+ years of experience in sales and marketing.

Make sure they’ve worked as a CMO or Director of Sales and Marketing for a company they helped grow but didn’t own.

Make sure they know your industry.

Make sure they have a good reputation among your peers.

Make sure they do what they say they’re going to do.

We’re here to tell you that who you are matters and bringing more of that to the forefront of your business and your personal life will help you fuel massive growth.


Not any run-of-the-mill consulting will work for you. You need a high-performer, like yourself, who can operate on ten different pistons at the same time.

You need someone who’s been a boss. You need someone with business acumen, years of experience and insider knowledge of the technology industry.

Basically, you need executive-level sales and marketing consulting.

From one owner and C-suite to another, I’ve got your back.

Chances are you’re trying to grow your business after years of learning and abiding by the marketplace, company stagnation and outside distractions.

Despite your challenges, you now have the time and the stamina to take the bull by the horn and go, go, go!

However, there might be one minor glitch that’s holding you back. Your best sales and marketing efforts have only gotten you so far. You need a professional to help you shift your company into high-growth gear and to keep it running with strong strategic sales and marketing planning and execution.

If you already know that you need help with your sales and marketing, you’re in the right place.


Executive sales and marketing consulting will help you to:


Change how you do business.


Discover where you’re wasting precious time and money.


Learn how to market effectively within your budget.


Create a comprehensive sales process from lead generation to closing a sale.


Generate more and better B2B leads.


Inspire and guide you to right action.


Help you increase your re-occurring business and projects revenue.


Gain the necessary knowledge and skills to keep growing.

We’ll guide you through a process that will make you examine and change your sales and marketing behaviors so that you can accelerate your company’s growth and revenue.  

Dave and his team are a specialized marketing and growth strategy group that creates and implements comprehensive go-to-market strategies. They led our website initiatives, SEO efforts, email marketing campaigns, marketing collateral, copywriting, and PowerPoint presentations and so much more. Dave does sales and marketing better than anyone I know. He literally lives and breathes it, expertly combining strategy with execution. Working with Dave and his team has been the best marketing decision we’ve ever made. 

– Reed Warren, CEO, iTValuations

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