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We love our clients.

We really believe in creating value-driven growth for the business and folks we partner with throughout the dynamic, creative, and collaborative sales and marketing process.

Working with Scott Growth Strategies has provided us with a framework in which to do our marketing properly, in a way that not only builds the strategy but provides a tactical process to get that done. Working with Scott Growth Strategies has been excellent. We have agendas for meetings. We know what to expect and what we’re going to cover. We know what we are expected to do and what we expect them to do at any given time and we have a clear path to eventual success. I already know, by making the decision to work with them, that we’re going to be successful. It’s just a matter of when and not if. The difference between what Dave brings versus the others is that it’s bespoke. It’s meant for us. It’s something that’s tailored to our look and feel but our language our clients and that’s what really makes the difference. The top 3 things we love about SGS are, obviously the delivery of the product is great, the team is great to work with and really getting clear on what the goals are and what we’re going to do.

– Raffi Jamgotchian, Founder & CTO, Triada Networks

We loved Dave’s strategic and pragmatic approach. He always has our ideal buyer in mind when creating marketing campaigns, and is hyper-focused on making our audience the hero, not us. We’d highly recommend Dave to any company for outsourced marketing guidance.

– Kal Howg, Marketing Director, City Auto Glass

I’m glad we found Dave Scott. I like how honest he was from the beginning. He seemed genuine. As a marketer, you think everyone’s trying to sell you something. Right? They are. We’re trying to sell our services as well. But Dave always gave back. There was always a situation where he was going to take that extra minute to speak to you. You’re going to talk about a lot of things, but you’ll get a lot of value out of it.

– Hector Ortiz, Founder & CEO, Dega Systems

Dave and his team did a great job project managing our website redesign, as well as crafting our core messaging and marketing. We’d highly recommend him.

– Nadia Akhtar, President, PRM Platform

Dave is great to work with, a wealth of knowledge, and he lives and breathes digital marketing. We’d highly recommend him to any professional services firm who wants high-quality marketing and sales results.

– Jarin Chu, Director of Sales and Marketing Operations, OpFocus

We’d highly recommend Dave to any MSP or tech firm looking for great marketing leadership. We really appreciate his approach and process.

– Jason Etheridge, President, Logicspeak

The key I believe is that if you work with Scott Growth Strategies, you’re going to wind up with a better appreciation for what you have because Dave is great at extracting that and telling that story. As a result, you’re going to be more confident in communicating your value. You’re going to be more confident in explaining to somebody why they should spend their hard-earned money with you, and in turn that’s really going to make sales easy. You’ll go in with confidence, knowing and believing in your product and that you built something great. All you needed was help in communicating that.

– Angel Rojas, Founder & CEO, DataCorps

We’ve been working with Scott Growth Strategies for some time now and it has been fantastic. Dave and Heather from day one went from the top all the way down and hit every single line item, reviewed it and made sure the deliverables were there. No stone was left unturned. Nothing was missed. They treated us like family. They’re an extension of the staff and you can just tell they care. They delivered on time, on budget and they exceed expectations every single time. I highly recommend them no matter what your business is. My single largest reason for recommending Scott Growth Strategies is they deliver results and truly have the feeling of an inside marketing team.

– Kelly Siegel, CEO, National Technology Management

Dave aligned our sales and email marketing efforts with the messaging of our software development platform. We’d highly recommend him to any professional services firm looking for specialized marketing leadership.

– Jaime Marcial, Principal, Modularis

Dave’s leadership and marketing wisdom has helped us align our sales and marketing. His approach has been a strategic and focused one, instead of a typical spray-and-pray approach of so many other marketers. We’d highly recommend Dave and his team to any IT Services business.

– Scott Spatz, President, Cooperative Systems

We’ve been working with Dave for years. Dave and his team are a specialized marketing and growth strategy group that creates and implements comprehensive go-to-market-strategies focused on our ideal buyers. His Marketing Audit enabled us to better understand our weaknesses and strengths so we could improve and leverage them for exponential growth. He’s also led our website initiatives, SEO efforts, email marketing campaigns, marketing collateral, copywriting, and PowerPoint presentations and so much more. He does sales and marketing better than anyone I know. He literally lives and breathes it, expertly combining strategy with execution.

We’ve seen and worked with multiple marketing firms and channel consultants inside the IT industry, but none have achieved us greater results than Dave. Working with him and his team has been the best marketing decision we’ve ever made. Also, his service level agreement (SLA) make it easy to understand what we’re buying and the deliverables we’ll receive. We highly recommend working with Dave and his team. In fact, whenever a client needs marketing help, our go-to referral for them is Dave.

– Reed Warren, CEO, iT Valuations

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