By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin.  

To get the outcome you want from your sales and marketing, you’ve got to have a plan. 

I’ve been doing this for 20+ years and the BEST and the ONLY way I’ve found success is with a plan that has multiple tactics that get you the success you want and deserve. 

This plan does NOT include getting stuck in contracts with channel sales and marketing vendors who threaten to sue you every time you ask a question. (You know the ones I’m referring to). 

The best sales and marketing practices for IT businesses to implement are those that provide added value to the lives of your prospects, generate leads, and increase customer engagement and retention. 

Who are you selling to?  

One of the most important aspects of successful sales and marketing strategies is having a clear and detailed understanding of your target market. 

As in, who’s buying your IT solutions.   

Understanding who your IDEAL buyers are, what their needs and wants are, and how they respond will help you tailor an effective messaging strategy.   

By getting familiar with the needs and wants of your ideal buyer, you’ll be able to make informed decisions around which channels will be utilized (e.g., social media, email marketing, associations) and the types of content that will appeal to them.   

BORING sales & marketing content is the problem  

Another key component to driving results with sales and marketing is creating content that isn’t BORING. (I CANNOT stress this enough)! 

The content you create needs to be engaging, informative, and relevant to your potential buyers’ interests. 

It also needs to be optimized for search engines to find.   

You know what that means? Homework.  

Your content should be optimized with keyword research, so it ranks higher in the search engine algorithm when potential customers search for related topics.  

On top of that, your content can’t always be short. 

Sometimes, your sales and marketing content needs to be longer in nature and must solve a problem. That means you’re going to need to do some homework to identify what sorts of things your audience is looking for, so they don’t delete your boring content from their email inboxes.  

Hyper-personalized landing pages, email marketing, and tools that help you make smarter sales decisions  

Some of the BEST sales and marketing tactics to invest in are things like hyper-personalized landing pages, email marketing, and tools like Visitor Queue and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.    

You NEED the data to tell you what your prospects are searching for and how you can help inform them.  

Tools like Visitor Queue and LinkedIn Sales Navigator will help you automate certain sales activities and use that data to target ideal buyers with content that’s NOT boring. 

Landing pages that target specific buyers or industries help position you as THE specialized expert, NOT a generalist. 

And email marketing is the MOST IMPACTFUL of all sales and marketing tactics.    
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