Copywriting Services

We help your business by writing copy that’s compelling and persuasive so your business attracts customers, clients, and prospects to your website.


Ever been through a website design process where your web designer asks you the dreaded question who will get us, or write the content for your website?

Yah, we have too. And it’s the most annoying part of the web development process.

Let’s be honest: your business doesn’t have time to write copy for your websites, or marketing campaigns. Most business professionals, like you, are focused on sales, leads, or running your company. Whatever industry you work in, your daily focus isn’t writing copy for your marketing efforts.

Not to mention writing darn good copy for your company’s website is hard. We’re not talking about features and benefits; rather we’re talking about content and copy that converts an interested web visitor into a lead, client, or shopping cart conversion. Good web copy should educate, inform, and build trust with your prospects. Not everyone can write engaging web content for their websites, that converts to leads, and subscribers. Your potential buyers and customers want to read persuasive and believable copy.

We solve your copywriting and website content problems in three steps.

1. Identify Your Ideal Customer.

First, we need to know about your business and your ideal prospect. You need new customers to grow your business, as well as a solid understanding of who your ideal prospect is and how to influence their buying decisions. We do this through our persona development process and by clearly identifying who your audience is, and how we can write content that will inspire them to action.

2. Get It Done Through Execution.

Next, we get to work writing content for all the pages on your website, your email campaigns, company case studies, white papers and e-books. We write content that is keyword rich, so it speaks to your ideal audience, we make sure all your content has relevant SEO value.

3. Grow Your Company Online.

The last step in our copywriting product is helping you find new customers to grow your business. You can’t expect to grow without acquiring new customers, and your goal should be to get your ideal customer to your website, then convert them into paying ones. We do this for you through email drip campaigns, social media consulting, and search engine marketing (SEM/SEO).

Based in Fargo, ND  // With offices in Minneapolis, MN 

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