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Are you a recent college sales and marketing graduate struggling to find an entry level position?


Are you a junior level marketer struggling to advance in your sales and marketing career?


Are you an MSP, Saas or other tech company owner looking for a quick, effective way to level up your junior sales and marketing staff?


I just graduated from college. Now what?

  • Are you wondering what the best way to find a job is?  
  • Are you in a catch-22, where the market is demanding more experience, but how can you get it if no one will hire you?  
  • Are you worried that no one will ever hire you? Or worse whether you’ve got what it takes to succeed in sales and marketing? 
  • Are you tired of the same old song and dance when looking for a job? 
  • Are you just about ready to give up and move back in with your parents? 

Don’t give up. We can help you. 


    I’ve been working in my entry level job for 1-5 years. Why can’t I seem to advance?

    • Are you starting to twiddle your thumbs at work because it’s become too easy and predictable for you? 
    • Are you not bringing your ‘A’ game to work because no one seems to care or even notice?  
    • Are you waking up grumpier or more listless than usual?  
    • Are you wondering what the hell the point is? 
    • Are you afraid to take the leap to find a new job because you’re not sure where you’re a best fit or how to market your skills?  
    • Are you looking for real world coaching that isn’t telling you things you already know?
    • Are you looking for a wiser, older professional who will show you the ropes while treating you like an equal?  

      If so, don’t give up. We can help you. 


        I have junior level staff that don’t have the emotional, relationship, sales and marketing skills they need to get my company results. How do I get them trained?

        • Does your junior staff lack the self-confidence to engage with you and your leadership team? 
        • Do you suspect that your junior staff is afraid of you?  
        • Does your junior staff wait to till the last minute to give you important info they knew weeks ago? 
        • Does your junior staff lack the necessary project management skills to follow through and complete tasks and deliverables?  
        • Do you simply lack the time and resources to train them to be more effective?  
        • Do you need them to just take the job by the reigns and lead your sales and marketing efforts largely on their own?  

          If so, don’t give up. We can help you. 

            Our approach to coaching 

            We’ve coached many up-and-coming junior leaguer’s. We’ve taken them from rookies to experienced veterans through a proven plan that guides them in collaborating with the big wigs. Using a blend of coaching and real-world schooling, they advance quickly in their sales and marketing acumen taking your company along with it.  

            We will always be believers in sales and marketing mentorship. Early in our CEO’s career, the hands-on training he received taught more than any other experience. He can remember deals at every company that simply wouldn’t have closed without help and mentorship. Applying these learnings to subsequent deals enabled him to win — and in a much smaller time frame. Eventually, he took those learnings and taught them to sales reps he was mentoring.

            We have seen firsthand how mentorship programs accelerate the learning and promotion processes on a sales and marketing teams. In fact, studies show that mentorship programs lead to increased salaries, quicker time to promotion, higher retention rates, and more productive and profitable employees.

            But what’s in it for the mentor?

            Sales Mentoring

            What’s in It for You (the Mentor and Mentee)? 

            The best IT Services firms use mentorship programs to ramp up new salespeople and groom senior reps for leadership roles. At the same time, it’s a lot of work for the mentor who could be spending their efforts closing new business.  

            Marketing and Sales mentors must keep in mind the long-term benefits to the organization, including:  


            Knowledge and Skill Development

            The best mentors are committed to the organization. They want to give back by helping to junior reps sharpen their skills through training while being a resource to put context behind each sales interaction as the reps gain experience.

            The obvious benefit of mentorship is that the organization is actively investing in the development of the sales and marketing team, which benefits YOUR bottom line. As an owner, you stand to benefit (in myriad ways) from working with an organization that is seeing the effects of this on the bottom line.

            The most tangible benefit is by honing the skills of a new team member, you get a refresher on the fundamentals of the role, which can serve to sharpen your knowledge and skills also. After all, according to the Roman philosopher Seneca, “While we teach, we learn.” In other words, the process of explaining something to someone else increases your competency as well.


            Improved Morale

            Everyone knows that sales is challenging, particularly when prospect after prospect is saying “no.” This can have a negative impact on morale, which in turn feeds into a nasty cycle because sales teams with low morale do not perform as well.  

            Sales mentorship gives both mentor and mentee the opportunity to break away from it for a little while and focus on what needs to be done to make it go right.  


            Leadership Development

            Aside from being more engaged with your organization, mentorship provides mentors with the ability to develop leadership skills in the workplace, which are important in sales, particularly when it comes to motivating team members to accomplish more. Leadership Development takes preparation for an organization and the mentors within it to reap the benefits described above. Unfortunately, many well-intentioned mentorship programs lack proper strategies and planning. You can avoid the pitfalls by following these steps to establish a successful sales mentorship in your organization.

            Increasing Engagement

            Instituting a mentorship program in your company increases employee engagement because training sets the relationship off right.

            In fact, individuals with mentors tend to excel in companies faster than employees without mentors, and the majority of mentors report their job as being more meaningful. As a result, both mentor and mentee become more engaged.


            Coaching Scenarios

            One of our clients hired an In Sales Representative (ISR) to help drive sales but because they lacked a sales infrastructure and effective processes, she was only making cold calls with negligible results. We created a sales structure and workflow for them and taught them and their ISR how to use it. Now they’re tag teaming prospects while tracking all their interactions in their CRM. They’ve launched deeply into Sales Navigator, which is bringing in warm and hot leads. Now that they have a sales pipeline that works, they’ve left all their cold calling behind.  

            Another client hired a junior marketer because they felt strongly that they needed an in house person to make sure the work gets done. Well, some work was getting done as the new hire was being fed and trained via the fire house method. The tech owner brought us on to help when they suspected she might be drowning. What we discovered is that she was indeed extremely overwhelmed. We worked with her to outline the most pressing issues and taught her how to take her job and her life back by setting appropriate expectations for her job role while partnering with her to set up a variety of their integrated marketing tactics. As she learned to better manage and structure her work, prioritize her tasks, take the lead with her higher ups, craft better copy and communicate more clearly, she was able to take back more and more of the work we were helping with. No only was she able to advance in her role and work relationships, she became more confident and productive in the process.  

            The key I believe is that if you work with Scott Growth Strategies, you’re going to wind up with a better appreciation for what you have because Dave is great at extracting that and telling that story. As a result, you’re going to be more confident in communicating your value. You’re going to be more confident in explaining to somebody why they should spend their hard-earned money with you, and in turn that’s really going to make sales easy. You’ll go in with confidence, knowing and believing in your product and that you built something great. All you needed was help in communicating that.  

            Angel Rojas, Founder & CEODataCorps 


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