From Rookie to Rockstar

Have you been looking for that elusive mentor?

The one that almost every older, successful professional swears gave them their big break? Or the one that set them on their trail blazing path to success? Seriously, c’mon already, where are they??

The truth about career mentorship is this: it’s a dying opportunity for younger and more junior sales and marketing professionals looking to take their talents and careers to the next level. There are multiple reasons why.

Back in the day, people of all ages stayed in their job longer, period. Since the young and the seasoned often worked side-by-side, it was common practice for the junior level folks to be “groomed” to ascend the ranks over the course of their career. However, due to a vast and complex set of economic and social conditions, most people no longer spend their whole careers with one single company.   

In addition, remote work is becoming even more common in the wake of the COVID pandemic and escalating real estate prices in popular cities. 

However, the truth remains that you still need mentorship to be successful in your job. You need to be able to build your career on the experiences of those who came before you.

So, what do you do if there’s no mentor in sight?

You find a coach. Yup. This is where most of the new “mentors” hang out. 

Though mentors could be great, coaches bring with them their own set of unique benefits. Namely that you have more power over the relationship and the goals you wish to pursue. 

You get to advance your best vision of yourself without office politics or repercussions. You get to fly your own plane, sail your own ship, walk your own walk. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend any other way.

You’ll know you’re a fit for our program is you meet the following criteria:  


You’re a recent college graduate or 3-5 years post college.

(emerging professionals)


You're looking to accelerate your personal and career growth.


You’re interested and willing to try a new way of doing things.


You’re willing to tolerate discomfort in the growing process.

(we’re not asking you to like it but to at least tolerate it with civility ????)

The Rookie to Rockstar program is uniquely designed for junior marketers looking to advance in their careers and lives.

Though we will challenge you, we do it collaboratively while building you up. We don’t believe in tear-down jobs. Rather we pull from the science of positive psychology focusing on combing your greatest strengths with your top interests to help you achieve your sales and marketing career goals.  

In our Rookie to Rockstar Sales & Marketing Coaching Program you’ll learn:


The Inside Job

A.K.A. Personal Development

  • Develop a stronger sense of who you are yourself.
  • Develop emotional intelligence so you can work with a variety of people.
  • Develop a keener sense of your communication styles and tactics.
  • Building your own supportive social network, a “home base.”
  • Learn how to be a good peer and colleague.
  • Connect with your peers to form networks and help each other advance.

The Outside Job

A.K.A. Personal Development


  • Learn how to show up and command respect among you’re the C-suite staff or boss.
  • Set appropriate job and role expectations up front.
  • Learn how to cultivate sales and marketing relationships.
  • Master how to navigate your workplace to get things done.
  • Work with real world clients.


  • Basic copywriting – compelling and persuasive (copy blogger), very critical of young people and millennial, need to own life and destiny
    • How to use words
    • How to craft messaging and meaning
    • Herding cats syndrome and shiny objects, have to get beyond it
    • Huge one, sees a lot of juniors failing at this
  • Help them understand the little tactical things that they need to grasp
  • Value of email marketing – #1 tactic that works
  • Project Management – a lot of it is good old-fashioned PM

The “Real World” Job

A.K.A. In Field Experience (Optional)

Sales & Marketing Internship at Nonprofits

Join us in assisting nonprofits in their sales and marketing to develop more on the job skills and build out your resume.


The Getting the Job

A.K.A. Networking for Hire

More often than not, getting the job, or at least an interview, depends on who you know. This is where networking and joining peer groups gives you the upper hand.

After proving yourself and your career chops in the Rookie to Rockstar program, you’re ready to start cueing up for interviews. The only problem is where do you start? Finding the right group can be like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why we created one for all of our Rookie to Rockstar graduates. That way all of you can help lift each other up while staying up to date in the field. We also like to throw our clients’ sales and marketing job openings in the ring to give you a head start.


Ready to join our network?


The Rookie to Rockstar Alumni Network

Facebook or LinkedIn Group (for graduates only)

  • Stay in the loop with current sales and marketing trends
  • Get the inside scoop on new job openings with our current clients
  • Share your talents with other nonprofits that need a helping hand
  • Connect with a strong peer network of like-minded young sales and development professionals

Ready to go from Rookie to Rockstar?

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