Marketing is the biggest thing you can do to help grow your technology company.

This is ESPECIALLY true, post COVID-19.

Great marketing will expand knowledge of your brand, answer buying questions from prospects who might want to hire your IT firm, and it engages new customers while increasing sales. 

Today, we want to talk about 6 specific ways to improve marketing for your MSP and IT company.


Education sells, not being salesy. Marketing needs to inform your potential buyers and educate them.

Here’s a great example: Have you ever listened to someone try and explain a complicated movie like Inception? If you have, you probably did not understand the what the movie is about.

After watching Inception three times you still won’t begin to understand it. (I personally hated this movie)

Your content should not be like Inception.

 Instead, your marketing should be more like watching Finding Nemo. The entire plot of the movie is explained in the title. Finding Nemo.

You should be able to explain your product/services so a 5 year old can understand it. Kinda like Finding Nemo, your audience needs to have a solid understanding of what your IT company does and how you do it well!


People are not dumb.

Today, we come in contact with smart consumers because of the web. Your buyers are more educated ahead of talking to you, than ever before.

If you are a business owner, the phrase that is constantly running through your brain is cost-benefit-analysis.

In simple terms “the best bang for your buck”.

People spend hours researching the best products on Amazon.

Why? Because people care where my money is going. They want to feel good about how they spend their money and your buyers are no different.

If you were a business owner, wouldn’t you care what resources you are spending your money on?

Digital Marketing is the cheapest and most effective way to market. With digital marketing even SMBs can throw their hat in the rink with big names who have billion dollar budgets.


Do you see business that always have the “We’re Hiring” sign up?

Well you should ALWAYS be marketing like this.

Your marketing strategy should not be put in place just to get you clients when sales are down.

Marketing needs to be a constant in your business, not every once in awhile.

Here is a little secret: Most businesses with a “We’re Hiring” sign aren’t always are hiring. More then likely their business deals with a lot of turn over. People work there for a season or move on to different things.

Rather than only say “We’re Hiring” when someone quits, they keep it up so they can have someone lined up when someone does quit. Marketing should be the same. Marketing should not suddenly happen when your business is failing. It should be an essential part of your business just like employees.


If your business isn’t making money, then it isn’t working.

Marketing should be a tool in your toolbox.

You invest time and money into digital marketing because that tool helps you get your job done quicker, easier, and more efficient. You may have a great product of service that is unique to your MSP or tech firm, but if no one knows about your service or product what is even the point of having it?

If you market your content, product, and services it will draw the consumer in so you can make a sale!

Spread the Word

According to Broad Brand Search the average American citizen spends 144 minutes on social media a day!

This means your IT business or MSP has 144 minutes to get your content in front of them.

You know how I said people are smart earlier? They are, but they are also forgetful.

The more content you can get in front of people the more they will default to you or recommend you to other people.


Putting your content in front of people is great, but why would anyone buy something they don’t need?

That is why your tech firm should be asking your consumers questions to help the recognize their needs. Which will lead them to engage in your content.

For example, if you post a Facebook post asking people what their biggest tech problem is; this is a perfect time to step and point them to a blog post, article, or video that fills their need. They will look to you again when another need arises.

At Scott Digital Marketing, we save your MSP and technology business from wasting money on bad marketing and bad growth strategies.

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