Digital Marketing Services

You know that marketing is important, yet you’re not a 100% sure if you should hire a marketing professional or completely outsource it. We get it and we’ve been in your shoes. Hiring a digital marketing person can be challenging because many marketing professionals want exorbitant salaries that can be hard to justify. And, if you want measurable success in your sales efforts you should want to align sales with marketing, but are finding it difficult because marketing is so ambiguous. Not to mention, there’s no clear path to help you make your decision because there’s too much noise when searching for a good, outsourced marketing solution. We can help guide you because we plan and execute your marketing for you. Our proven process helps you outsource your marketing to a company that can plan and execute your company’s marketing strategy. And it won’t cost you a million dollars. 

Content and Inbound Marketing

The content on your website, or on your social media pages, impacts the way your prospects feel about you, and your company. Creative content, that’s fresh and innovative, when done in collaboration with the web’s best Search Engine Optimization tactics, is a killer blend that makes your business irresistible to buyers. The goal with Content and Inbound Marketing services is to attract, convert, then close your ideal prospects through inspiring them to action by creating content that solves their needs and pain points through high-quality digital content. Through a comprehensive buyer persona development process, called our Buyer Action Plan, we become experts in understanding who your ideal customers are, where they go online for information, and how they make buying choices. We specialize in helping your business build and execute your Content and Inbound Marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing

Want a competitive advantage that gives you more visibility when seeking to acquire new customers? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help accomplish this. A good SEO strategy takes into consideration your copywriting quality, your social media networks, and your overall online media presence. By focusing on a solid SEO/SEM strategy, you effectively increase your online footprint, and put your brand in front of your ideal prospects.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is more than just a newsletter. It’s more than just an email that’s sent once per quarter, looking for a quick sale. Email marketing should be a part of your overall integrated online marketing strategy. We help you drive results and fill your sales pipeline with strategic email campaigns that are geared to build trust and credibility with your potential buyers, and existing customers. Our end goal is to create a strong call-to-action, that captures lead information so your sales can grow and thrive.

Social Media Marketing

Understanding your ideal customer (also known as your persona) is critical to your success on the web. Your buyer has a journey and understanding how this journey affects how you market to them. You need to be able to know things about your audience like what makes them buy, where they spend their time when on social media , and how they gather information. We want to help you figure out which social media channels your person consumes information from, and how to ultimately attract them. Did we mention there’s also SEO value to using social media? There is, especially when done the right way.

Digital Advertising

Paid ads on Facebook and Google

Paid online advertising allows you to reach thousands of eyeballs, for a minimal cost. To use the web effectively, you need to have a paid strategy as a part of your overall marketing plan. This is important because with a digital advertising and paid plan, you’ll tap new, targeted audiences via search, social media and display ads. It’s our desire to make sure you get a measurable ROI from things like Facebook ads, social advertising, and Google ads through a strategic approach.

Copywriting Services

Ever been through a website design process where your web designer asks you the dreaded question “who will write and get us the content for your website?” Yah, we have too. And it’s the most annoying part of the web development process. So let’s be honest: you probably don’t have time to write copy for your websites, or marketing campaigns. Most business professionals, like you, are focused on sales, leads, and running your company. Whatever industry you work in, your daily focus shouldn’t be writing copy for your marketing efforts. Not to mention writing darn good copy for your brand website is hard. We’re not talking about features and benefits type of content, rather we’re talking about content and copy that converts an interested web visitor into a lead or client. Good web copy should educate, inform, and build trust with your prospects. Not everyone can write engaging web content for their websites, that converts to leads, and subscribers. We do this for you, so you can focus on your business.

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