Everything comes at a cost; there is nothing for free.  

Your mindset determines everything and affects every part of your business and your life.  

Your mindset and the decisions you make are critical to your overall growth, love, and happiness.  

Be adaptable.  

One of the first lessons in the growth of your IT firm is developing a mindset that’s adaptable. 

This means NOT sticking with ideas or beliefs that are 20 years old, and NOT staying stuck. 

It means rolling with the punches and pivoting based on your market. 

It means being willing to change and embrace new and diverse voices in the “boardroom.”  

It means being open to being challenged and actually listening to the changes that your customers and prospects are going through.   

I once tried to implement marketing automation software, to the tune of a quarter million dollars. It went horribly wrong because the leadership team wasn’t willing to embrace the change that was needed to grow. 

We wanted to stay stuck in old ways, using old software to run sales and marketing.   

We weren’t adaptable and it cost us even more in the long run.   

You’re absolutely going to screw up.   

Everyone has to screw up, eventually.   

But making mistakes doesn’t have to mean failure. Mistakes are lessons and you never learn anything without a little pain. 

The question is will you learn from your mistakes, or will you keep making them?    

Again, it’s about your mindset. 

  • Are you willing to drop your pride and embrace those mistakes?  
  • Can you accept your mistakes, or are you going to focus on blame and shame? 
  • When you’re facing growing pains, can you adapt to curveballs and messing up the process, or are you going to emotionally fall apart? 

When you DO screw up, there’s ways through it, too. 

You can ask other entrepreneurs in the IT channel for their wisdom. You can take time to reassess. Or you can simply reset. 

There’s no right or wrong way to do anything, but these methods go a long way.   

Sometimes, brand new eyes on a problem will help you take that problem and turn it into an opportunity. It will help you to take a step back to evaluate what happened. It’ll guide you in thinking about how you got here and what you can do next time.  

But please, accept the guidance. You’re not going to know it all.  

Adaptability. Flexibility. Embracing change.  

That’s the mindset of a dependable MSP.  

Oh, and don’t throw in the towel when you screw up. It’s GOING to happen.   

And when it does, repeat this:  

“So, what.”   

Do you think anything worth doing- let alone the development of technology as a whole- was done overnight or without embarrassing mistakes?  

Absolutely not.  

You may know your software stack, tech specs, and services like the back of your hand, but when leveraging sales and marketing to grow your MSP, you have to understand humans, their needs, and their behaviors.  

Of course, you’re gonna be wrong sometimes! But who cares?! 

Achieving your goals and accomplishing big things takes long-term commitment and vision. You HAVE to be willing to be flexible, adaptable, and willing to fuck up to see your IT business to the next level.  

To make more money, to do better, and to grow, you have to change how you think and see things. You can’t do the same things that got you to $1M in revenue thinking those same tactics will grow you to $5M in revenue.   

You must be willing to make mistakes and break shit so that you see that hard-earned revenue come through.  

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