Episode #10 - From Stuck to Successful - Interview with Neil Swanson, Founder and CEO of Free To Be Coaching

This is one of my favorite podcast interviews BECAUSE it’s with my ADHD coach, Neil Swanson!

Neil is affectionately known as Dr. Neil at SGS because he’s SO smart and wise. Neil has worked as a minister, a counselor, a construction contractor, and a building consultant. Neil grew up in Wisconsin, went to school in the Mid-West and New York City, and eventually settled in the great state of Virginia where he now runs his practice. Along the way he’s volunteered and been a champion for many causes with the goal of making a positive difference in the world.

And NOW, Neil is the Founder and CEO of Free To Be Coaching, a coaching practice that focuses on radically reducing the impact of ADHD on your relationships, employment, and other areas of your life.

You will NOT want to miss this podcast with Neil because it’s PURE GOLD if you’re a business owner, leader, or someone who struggles with ADHD.