Ep. 8 – Confessions of a Burnt-Out Marketer: Marketing interview with Heather DeSantis

In this episode of Confessions of a Burnt-Out Marketer, I talk with Heather DeSantis, founder of Publicity For Good, the only millennial-led, female-influenced public relations firm focused on supporting purpose-driven food and beverage companies. Heather and her team are more than publicists—they are activists and advocates of your brand. She’s also the founder of Press Demand PR, a SaaS program that makes PR accessible to entrepreneurs, influencers, businesses, agencies and charities by providing support and access to the top PR agencies in the United States. Press Demand allows experts to directly pitch themselves to the media using the software to manage all PR inquiries, and media sources will be able to connect quickly with experts who have press-ready pitches.

Heather is a really smart PR professional and the knowledge and practical wisdom in this Podcast will translates into gold for your company.

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