If you’re like most people in the technology services industry, you’re probably used to seeing a lot of low-quality syndicated content online.  

You know, those articles you see everywhere, stuffed full of keywords and useless, redundant information. For the tech industry, that usually means yet another vague “how to” guide, chock-full of typos that rush you to a call to action. 

Thankfully, I have some good news for you: those days are coming to an end.  

Thanks to tools like OpenAI’s #ChatGPT, Jasper, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we’re about to see a shift in the kinds of content that are produced and distributed online.  

Suddenly, all that keyword-stuffed garbage is going to look a whole lot less appealing.  

Here’s everything you need to know about how AI is changing the online landscape of content marketing for MSPs and tech service firms. 

The Problem with Low Quality Syndicated Content 

Syndicated content has become something of a crutch for website owners everywhere, with the promise of “easy” and “DIY” content.  

While some services offer content that could be mislabeled as “decent” quality, the vast majority of syndicated material is simply soulless, robotic marketing content that fails to truly engage any readership, let alone conversion.  

MSPs and IT services firms who use this type of marketing service should be investing in  specialized copywriting services from a marketing group. However, if that option is inaccessible, there’s a second option: an AI service that specializes in creating client-specific, organic and compelling material. 

How ChatGPT & AI Creates Better Content (And impeded the future) 

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we look at everyday life – and it’s just getting started.  

From self-driving cars, to chat bots, and virtual assistants, AI has steadily become a key part of the frontier of modern technology. The ordinary person has probably interacted with AI more often than they think.  

But for businesses, AI tools like ChatGPT provide a whole new range of benefits like accurate automation, improved customer service, and improved task efficiency.  

The possibilities don’t stop there; with AI, there are endless applications for smarter decision making and new transformative ideas that could impact our road to a better future. It’s no wonder experts are readily investing in this breakthrough technology to stay ahead of the curve – who knows what wonders AI has up its sleeve next? 

Having said that, content written by tools like Jasper, ChatGPT, and other AI tools should be used in limited form. It’s great for quick, fast content, as well as building blocks for an already existing marketing team, but NOT great for content that’s accurate and meaningful. Humans are drawn to writing not just for the quality of the text, but because they know another human created it. The human quality of good content shows in nuances like word choice, the natural flow of its structure, and the underlying desired action. Examples would be social content, a press release, etc.  

What This Means for MSPs and Tech Services Firms 

MSPs and tech services firms are facing a growing challenge: how do they keep up with the evolving needs of their customers in an increasingly competitive industry? How do they produce compelling content that simultaneously builds trust with their readers AND generates leads for their sales teams? 

Most modern businesses, from local to enterprise-level, rely heavily on MSPs and tech services firms to ensure their technology infrastructure is sound and secure. It’s essential for MSPs and tech services firms to stay at the cutting edge of the industry because of how much of a necessity they’ve become.  

As systems and technologies evolve, MSPs and tech services need to continually develop new methodologies to meet their customers’ needs. MSPs will no longer be able to survive on passé solutions and networking know-how alone; it’ll take savvy leadership, innovation and adaptability to find success in their future. 

Your tech services firm’s ideal audience NEEDS to know this – how you choose to market your IT services and solutions is CRITICAL to your survival.  

How to Prepare – Why ChatGPT, Jasper, & AI is NOT a Great Sales & Marketing Solution  

Preparing for the future can be overwhelming , but having a content creation plan in place will make it a lot easier. 

If you’re involved in sales and marketing, the takeaway here is this: you need to start producing higher quality, original content if you want your articles to perform well.  

It seems like the easier solution, but don’t be fooled; you’re NOT going to get high value content from an AI tool by itself.  

Tools like Jasper, ChatGPT, and others STILL need a human to edit them.  

Why do I think that? Here’s the plot twist:   

This entire article was written using Jasper.  

BUT I spent more than three hours editing it and adding to it. I could’ve just written it myself after everything was said and done.  

The corrections I had to make were all changes that ChatGPT and Jasper cannot create because they don’t understand the audience, their goals and the right tone to use. Me? I talk to people all the time. I know what would sound awkward to say out loud, and you probably do, too.  


  • ChatGPT and Jasper will NEVER be able to interview your prospects to determine what pain points they have.  
  • ChatGPT and Jasper will never be able to do thorough market research.  
  • ChatGPT will never be able to answer the exact questions that Marcus Sheridan says to address in his book, They Ask, You Answer. 
  • ChatGPT and Jasper are bad, bad, bad for SEO. 

And, most importantly: 

  • The BEST, most helpful content will ALWAYS be written by human beings. 

ChatGPT and Jasper aren’t great, sustainable tools for creating content that attracts and compels your buyers to action. 

While it CAN replace syndicated content, it should never be a substitute for long term content creation. Even outside of the human quality of your content, on a technical level, AI writing tools aren’t effective. 

Why ChatGPT & Jasper are Bad for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

The biggest threat to SEO, the neat little function that helps people find your website, is currently ChatGPT. It’s generally feared among marketing experts that MSPs will use ChatGPT to churn out low-quality content, and as a result, Google’s algorithm can and will flag it all as spam.  

Already, Google has hinted that its algorithm can detect AI-written content, which it doesn’t seem to be a fan of. 

Back in April of 2022, Google said that AI Generated content is against it’s guidelines. 


At its most basic form, ChatGPT is a type of machine learning model called a “Large Learning Model”. 

A large learning model is an AI tool that is trained on vast amounts of data, which it uses to predict what the next word in a sentence is. The word prediction function in most smartphones, such as the iPhone, works similarly.  

The more data a large learning model is trained on, the more tasks it’s able to accomplish (like writing content and articles).  

It can write an essay within set constraints, like word count and specified topic points. 

But it will not guarantee the written information’s accuracy. The large learning model is only capable of predicting what words SHOULD come after the previous word in a sentence, in its present form, AI writing tools are not concerned with accuracy. 

In fact, CNET, one of the largest tech news sites, attempted to write an article with only an AI writing tool. They were subject to criticism from most national media outlets due to how riddled with errors the article was, basic ones that could have been caught if a human was editing anything.  

That should be a BIG concern for any business actually interested in creating quality content. Additionally, AI writing affects your content quality because: 

  1. It’s also programmed to avoid certain kinds of content which shows a bias. 
  2. ChatGPT and Jasper require highly detailed instructions and prompts, which eats up billable time and money.  
  3. As stated earlier, ChatGPT  and Jasper written content can easily be identified by search engines.
  4. ChatGPT’s training data cuts off in 2021. This means it is completely unaware of current events, trends, or anything that happened after its training. It will not be able to respond appropriately to questions or topics that require up-to-date knowledge or information.
  5. ChatGPT has no external capabilities and cannot complete lookups. This means that it cannot access the internet, search engines, databases, or any other sources of information outside of its own model.
  6. It cannot verify facts, provide references, or perform calculations or translations. It can only generate responses based on its own internal knowledge and logic.

Any content you write should be written for your reader first but discovered organically – using AI driven content kind of defeats, the purpose unless it’s simple short-form stuff. Plus, content from ChatGPT and other AI tools will struggle to be accurate, current, and unbiased – which isn’t good for your ideal reader and buyer. 

At the end of the day, ChatGPT and Jasper are still VERY much in their infancy. It’s fun to play with AI writing tools and watch them evolve, and no matter which tool you use, it’ll still always be better than syndicated stuff. However, it’s not a great long-term solution and it’ll never fully replace humans.  

People still need people. People still trust people. Make sure they’re putting their trust in the right MSP or tech services firm. 

Prepare for the evolving sales and marketing landscape with the right technology marketing team We’ll work with you to get an effective content plan for your MSP or technology services firm in order. 

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