Who are the unsung heroes of every modern workspace? 

Admins, that’s who.  

Not All Heroes Wear Capes. 

Not all heroes wear capes. Here’s just a short list of their superpowers: amazing ability to juggle five million tasks, charming way of keeping everyone on track and on time, excellent ability to help your clients feel welcomed and taken care of, and always ready to pitch in with a smile.   

All in all, they selflessly get sh** done without making you feel bad about your unremarkable admin skills. They also make you look good. Pretty brilliant, right?  

Believe it or not, admins are essential to the daily functioning of your organization. So why don’t more managed IT Services providers hire them?  

Why Don’t More MSPs Have Admins? 

I get it, most of you in the MSP landscape are BRILLIANT. I mean, you wouldn’t be able to run your own technology business if you weren’t. And I get the whole entrepreneur/DIY/”I’ll do it myself” work ethic you embrace wholeheartedly.  

BUT here’s the deal: You can’t do everything on your own. As exciting and fun as learning new things can be, trying to be your own admin can harm you more than you realize. 

First, if you’re “doing it all” (and you’re middle aged), you’re probably skimping on sleep.  

Not only does science prove this is a BAD idea for your long-term health. (Again, if you’re middle-aged, what you do with your health now sets the tone for the you in your 60’s.) But less sleep equals more crabby and cranky, which not only turns off clients and your staff, but it’ll impact the way you see yourself.  

Why You Need an Admin 

Having an admin is like coming to work on a Monday, but with a full night’s sleep. No joke, you need a witty person, like me, who not only understands what you need done but will keep you in good spirits.  

Even the BUSINESS CAPITAL of the US, New York City, needs admin assistants to function. Read all about it here: Administrative Assistants are in critical demand in New York City 

Now, guess where I’m going with this.  

That’s right. YOU NEED AN ADMIN.   

More Reasons You Need an Admin 

Let’s keep it real, not many IT owners are great at planning, prioritizing and communicating any tasks that are not in the technology wheelhouse. 

You’re not alone, MOST MSPs owners struggle with prioritizing tasks and projects and resisting (and failing) the multiple distractions designed to steal your attention.  

As the founder, it’s common to resist change, even if it’d be good for your business. Afterall, your company is your baby. As a mother, I KNOW how hard it is to leave your baby in someone else’s, no matter how capable, hands. Lastly, it can be hard to believe that anyone could understand the ins and outs of your business and everything you sacrificed to build it.  

Though, consider this: how many times have you found yourself working late on some small task or other and thought, “Ugh, I wish I had someone to help me with this?” Or “I’ll save this task for later,” and then “later” never happens?  

How many meetings have you had to reschedule because you double booked yourself?  

How many emails have you missed and frantically responded to at 5:00 PM (or 9:00 PM)? 

Probably more than you care to remember. 

Again, as the super competent and capable founder of an IT firm, it’s easy to believe that doing it all yourself is faster than training someone else to handle it. BUT, if you break down every hour, minute, or second of the day and add up all the time you spent working as your own admin, you might be appalled at how much time you’ve already wasted.   

Here’s the thing, is doing admin work, the best, most valuable to your organization, use of your time? Do you not have bigger projects that would help grow your company, to work on?  

The time you spend “catching up on work” over the weekend not only disrupts your rest (if you’re a homebody like me) but interferes with the time you have with family and friends. These are the times that you need to rejuvenate yourself so you can keep powering through, giving your all, from week to week. Working all the time burns out your most valuable company resource: you. Is it worth it?  

When you look back on your life, remembering all the times you spent gorgeous weekends catching up on emails and client communications brings you peace and satisfaction. Will seeing your family and friends enjoying their lives without you there bring you peace and joy of a life well lived?    

Now rewind and imagine this: it’s a beautiful weekend. The next 48 hours will be spent with your family or friends lying by the pool, walking down the beach, reading your favorite book, watching your favorite team score (GO NOVA!) or watching a bunch five-year-old’s running around at your kid’s birthday party, high on cake and ice cream. 

Can you feel the smile and warm glow lighting you up from within?  

Well, that’s the stuff you’ll miss out on because you were “trying” to do it all – run a business and act as your own admin. 

Guess what can give you back all those moments that make life worth living?  

An admin.  

They’ll keep you organized and out of your inbox on the weekends. You’ll spend your weekends recharging and come on Monday knowing exactly what’s on your plate, because your admin has it handled.  

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? 

Well, it’s entirely possible because it’s your choice to make.  

Are you ready to stop wearing all those hats? The ones that keep falling all over the place? The same ones that make it hard to see where you want to go?.  

If yes, it’s time to hire an admin or let the one you already have do their job.  

It’s a big change, yes, but you can do it. You’ll probably even wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


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